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How To Combat Cart Abandonment

Alex Selwitz | August 8, 2023 |

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How To Combat Cart Abandonment

How To Simplify Ordering, Delivery, And Payment In E-commerce To Combat Cart Abandonment


As of 2023, the average cart abandonment rate in eCommerce is over 70% — imagine losing 7 out of 10 potential sales due to avoidable hurdles in the customer journey. 

This alarming statistic underscores the importance of simplifying ordering, delivery, and payment in e-commerce to combat cart abandonment. The aim of this article is to equip you with the strategies to tackle this problem and improve your customer's journey from browsing to purchasing.

Understanding Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment refers to the situation when online shoppers add items to their virtual carts but exit without completing the purchase. Several reasons contribute to this phenomenon:

  • Unexpected or high shipping costs: Customers are often deterred by high shipping costs added at the end of the transaction. Transparency about shipping costs from the beginning can help mitigate this.

  • Complicated checkout process: A complex or lengthy checkout process can frustrate customers, leading to abandonment. Simplifying this process — by reducing the number of required form fields, offering guest checkout options, and making the navigation between steps clear and easy — can increase conversions.

  • Limited payment options: Not everyone uses the same payment methods. Having limited options may cause potential customers to abandon their carts if they cannot find a convenient way to pay.

  • Website errors and crashes: Technical glitches and slow loading times can disrupt the shopping experience and cause customers to leave.

  • Lack of trust in payment security: With increasing cyber threats, customers may abandon their carts if they perceive the payment gateway to be insecure.

The presence of these factors in the shopping experience not only interrupts smooth customer interaction but also directly impacts the revenue and growth potential of e-commerce businesses.

Strategies to Combat Cart Abandonment

Combating cart abandonment effectively requires implementing strategic changes in several areas. The following sections explore each of these strategies.

Implementing one-click ordering

One-click ordering allows returning customers to bypass the tedious checkout process by saving their shipping and payment information for future orders. Businesses that have implemented one-click ordering have reported significant increases in conversion rates.

Enhancing website navigation

User-friendly website design plays a critical role in the customer shopping experience. A well-designed website with intuitive site maps, clear category breakdowns, and responsive search features can help customers easily find what they're looking for and smoothly progress through the checkout process.

Integrating multiple delivery options and simple return policies

Offering flexible delivery options like same-day delivery or in-store pick-up, and implementing an easy eCommerce return policy, can make customers feel more comfortable about their purchases, reducing cart abandonment.

Leveraging automated notifications

Automated notifications can serve as gentle reminders for customers to complete their pending purchases. These can be personalized based on the customer's browsing and purchase history to make them more effective.

Embracing secure and user-friendly payment gateways

Enhancing trust among customers is crucial. Using secure and user-friendly payment gateways can help achieve this. Integrating popular payment methods like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and buy-now-pay-later options can provide customers with the flexibility they desire.

Role of Cloud Point of Sale Solutions in Reducing Cart Abandonment

There are a multitude of strategies to reduce cart abandonment, each with its unique advantages. However, an overarching solution that neatly ties in these strategies, offering a streamlined approach, is adopting a cloud POS system. 

Here’s how this solution can effectively address cart abandonment while providing additional benefits to your retail business:

  • Streamlined operations and transactions: With a cloud POS, sales transactions become smoother and quicker, improving the overall customer experience and reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

  • Better tracking and analytics: These solutions come with data tracking capabilities that provide valuable insights into customer behavior, helping businesses tailor their strategies more effectively.

  • Enhanced customer engagement: By integrating marketing and loyalty programs, cloud POS systems can help engage customers better, reducing the chances of cart abandonment.

However, when choosing a point of sale, it is important to consider its compatibility with your current systems, ease of use, and customer support options.

Case Study: How Warby Parker Successfully Reduced Cart Abandonment

Warby Parker is an innovative eyewear company that disrupted the traditional eyewear industry by providing high-quality, fashionable glasses at a fraction of the price of brick-and-mortar stores. They pioneered the "Home Try-On" program that allows customers to select five frames online, which are then shipped to their homes for a trial period.

Despite their innovative approach and increasing popularity, Warby Parker faced a significant challenge: a high cart abandonment rate. Several issues contributed to this problem, such as a complicated checkout process and limited delivery options. They identified that these problems were impacting their conversion rate and customer satisfaction negatively.

Warby Parker took decisive action to tackle these issues head-on. To streamline their checkout process, they implemented one-click ordering, saving their customers’ shipping and payment information for future orders.

They addressed the issue of limited delivery options by offering free shipping and returns on all orders. They also introduced an 'expedited shipping' option for customers who needed their glasses faster. 

Warby Parker also worked hard to integrate their online and physical stores seamlessly. They got valuable insights into customer behavior, which they used to personalize their marketing efforts and reduce cart abandonment.

The outcome of these strategies was remarkable. Warby Parker saw a significant reduction in cart abandonment, leading to increased sales and an overall boost in customer satisfaction. 


Combating cart abandonment requires a multi-pronged approach that focuses on simplifying the ordering, delivery, and payment processes. 


As a retail business owner, you have the opportunity to leverage these strategies to increase conversion rates and enhance customer experience. With the rapid advancement in technology and shifting consumer behavior, the future of eCommerce will continue to evolve, making it even more crucial for businesses to stay adaptable and customer-centric.
Alex Selwitz

Alex Selwitz

Alex Selwitz is the Director of SEO for Red Stag Fulfillment, an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of eCommerce. He has years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing guitar and learning about new trends in the digital world.