5 Hot Technology Must-Haves for Your Restaurant Business

Did you know that 29% of professional chefs stated that iPads for menus, wine lists and ordering was the hottest technology trend in restaurants in 2015? What about 2016? We all want the latest and greatest technology for our businesses to stay ahead of the competition and stand out. With over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States alone, restaurateurs need to invest in tools that will boost efficiency and provide an exceptional customer experience. We’ve gathered 5 hot technology must-haves for your restaurant business:

1. iPad Point of Sale Systems
A Point of Sale (POS) system is the heart of your restaurant business so you don’t want to settle for dated technology. Tablet-based POS systems throw cash registers out of the water. These days, basic cash registers just don’t cut it anymore. With cloud-based iPad POS systems, restaurateurs can run their entire business on a system that is made exactly for their needs - everything from table layouts, ingredient-level inventory tracking, table timers, real-time reporting, and more.

2. Kitchen Display Systems
Kitchens have a history of running off tickets and it can get messy. Tickets fly everywhere, are hard to keep track of and just a pain. With Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), restaurants can send orders to the kitchen immediately. You can track the status of every order with a time counter and reporting capabilities, and know how long orders have been waiting in line. With this type of technology, your business will be more efficient and provide faster service to customers.

3. Mobile Order Takers
Want to start taking orders directly from the table? Now you can! Put technology in the hands of your servers for a more powerful connection from the dining floor to the kitchen. Orders are quickly communicated to the kitchen the moment they’re made, providing less mistakes and quicker service. Even edit orders on the spot according to last-minute change requests and get recommendations to appear as items are being inputted.

4. Digital Menu Boards
Engage your customers with digital menu boards. Paper menus aren’t the only way to show your customers what you have to offer anymore. Start showing off your specials on large, sleek, digital displays. Choose what layouts you want, whether two-column, three-column, eight-tile, or single image. Have fun with your menus and share photos of what you’re selling, not just lines of text.

5. Customer Display Systems
If your restaurant business requires a front register, think of getting a Customer Display System. Customer Display Systems allow customers to sign off their signatures electronically versus paper and pen; a newer experience for both employees and customers. Customers also get the convenience of choosing between different tip suggestions. And the best part is you’re able to use the Customer Display System to rotate ad imagery and showcase specials deals or items.