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Amid Worker Shortages, Owners Look to New Restaurant Tech to Keep Up

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Everyone knows that COVID-19 hit the restaurant industry hard. First, it impacted businesses’ ability to stay open and generate revenue, as well as pay their employees; then, it led to the Great Resignation, and to this day, many restaurants across...

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Technology in Restaurants: New & Helpful Systems & Trends

restaurant technology

Technology in Restaurants: 5 Essentials for Every Business Over the last decade, restaurant guests have changed their habits. People have changed the way they eat, what they eat, and where they eat. They want their food to meet a myriad of dietary...

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5 Hot Technology Must-Haves for Your Restaurant Business


Did you know that 29% of professional chefs stated that iPads for menus, wine lists and ordering was the hottest technology trend in restaurants in 2015? What about 2016? We all want the latest and greatest technology for our businesses to stay...

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How Technology Improves the Restaurant Experience


Technology is quickly becoming the up and coming thing to enhance the dining experience. From helping make meal preparation more efficient to entertaining the customers at their table, restaurants are starting to evolve with new technology. With the...

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