Recent Articles from Robert Meador

4 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Multi-location Restaurants

Having a strong social media marketing strategy is essential in the increasingly digital restaurant industry. Restaurant owners have known this for years, especially after the struggles of Covid-19. The question now is, what are the best strategies to implement?

10 Ways to Maintain Restaurant Brand Consistency Among Multiple Units

The addition of a new restaurant is an exciting step, but it also comes with challenges. Getting a single restaurant up and running while establishing its identity and brand is difficult enough, so it goes without saying the introduction of another restaurant compounds that difficulty.

How to Use Member-Only Perks to Emotionally Engage Your Customers

Loyalty goes a long way in the restaurant industry. Restaurant owners understand this and are always looking for ways to increase consumer engagement. The difficulty is in understanding what can bridge the gap between a happy customer and a loyal customer.

Majority of Pizza Diners Are Looking for Restaurant Exclusives

Everyone knows that Americans love pizzas. Each of our major cities contain hundreds of pizzerias, and even most rural areas have two or more options to satisfy their pizza cravings. Owners understand this and are looking for a way to compete in a very crowded pizza industry. When customers have so...

Amid Worker Shortages, Owners Look to New Restaurant Tech to Keep Up

Everyone knows that COVID-19 hit the restaurant industry hard. First, it impacted businesses’ ability to stay open and generate revenue, as well as pay their employees; then, it led to the Great Resignation, and to this day, many restaurants across the nation are still struggling with staffing...

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