How Technology Improves the Restaurant Experience

Technology is quickly becoming the up and coming thing to enhance the dining experience. From helping make meal preparation more efficient to entertaining the customers at their table, restaurants are starting to evolve with new technology. With the mobility of the iPad, the restaurant technology options are endless as far as improving the dining out experience for customers.

Launceton Place
Have you ever wanted to see your food being prepared but wasn’t in the mood for hibachi? Launceton Place fixes this problem! They have video monitors set up that allow customers to see their food being prepared. In this restaurant the technology helps them open up their kitchen to the customers.

Sometimes restaurants can get boring when you’re just sitting there waiting for your food. Inamo changes things up by having a touchscreen at the table for customers to place their order on and play games while they wait. This allows them to stand out and shows that you can be entertained while you eat.

Chicago Cut Steakhouse
The right glass of wine can be an important part of a meal, but what can really make you a wine connoisseur is being immersed in the wine culture. At Chicago Cut Steakhouse their virtual wine cellar, displayed on iPads, gives the customers a whole different wine experience. Instead of just red or white, customers have the option to search wines based on name, type, price, region, and variety.

Have you ever been sitting at a restaurant and wondered about the ingredients used in the food placed in front of you? Taranta puts QR codes on their entrees using squid ink. These QR codes allow you to scan the code with your phone and be directed to a website there you can see all the information you want about your food’s ingredients.

All of these different ways of using technology are bringing customers closer to their food and allowing them to have a new and improved experience in restaurants. One great way to leverage this technology is through Revel’s new customer-facing kiosk. This new kiosk gives customers a sleeker and easier way to order items and pay. The goal of every restaurant is to create the best dining experience possible, and what better way than with Revel’s customer-facing kiosk?