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How to Create a Retail Environment that Sells

iPad POS

Over 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in-store. What this widely quoted statistic means is—environment counts. Retailers do well by creating a pleasant atmosphere where shoppers feel comfortable enough to linger, enjoy browsing, and...

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How Technology Improves the Restaurant Experience


Technology is quickly becoming the up and coming thing to enhance the dining experience. From helping make meal preparation more efficient to entertaining the customers at their table, restaurants are starting to evolve with new technology. With the...

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Announcing the New Revel Kiosk

iPad POS

Revel Systems is thrilled to announce the latest version of its Kiosk POS. This new version is by no means a simple re-skin; the Revel Systems customer-facing kiosk now provides a smoother, sleeker, and more efficient customer experience, bringing...

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