How to Create a Retail Environment that Sells

Over 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in-store. What this widely quoted statistic means is—environment counts. Retailers do well by creating a pleasant atmosphere where shoppers feel comfortable enough to linger, enjoy browsing, and ultimately, make purchases. Here are 5 essential elements of putting together a retail space that sells:

Choosing your real estate is critical—and today’s options are ever-expanding. In recent years, for example, downtown areas have undergone a significant revival, attracting an influx of shoppers. Carefully choose a location that reflects your brand image and features nearby businesses that complement yours. The right neighborhood is the first step to luring potential customers.

An inviting entrance can entice customers who were “just passing by.” Large display windows with thematic backdrops and featured products may halt a shopper’s attention; a glimpse of a well-designed interior from outside your glass doors can do the same. Inside, a retail space’s smell and cleanliness make immediate impressions. The lobby must also be roomy, enabling customers to pause and take in the shop’s layout without being overwhelmed by clutter.

Signage and strategically-placed displays should direct customers to their department of choice with ease. Organize related product types together to encourage further spending. Grocery stores, for example, can place meal solutions in the same aisle, while retail shops can place women’s clothes, shoes, and jewelry side by side in the same wing. To encourage browsing the entire store, many retailers place their clearance items in the back-most area.

According to Entrepreneur, color accounts for 85 percent of the reason shoppers buy one product over another. Too much red can irritate customers, while yellow can grab their attention. Use color concepts to create a scene (e.g., beach, modern, garden) and calm the sensibilities.

The store’s overall décor should match your brand identity and target clientele’s area of interest. Choose a natural, holistic theme for an eco-friendly product or a shabby-chic, bohemian vibe for an artistic niche. The key to staying current and interesting, though, is the ability to tweak your retail space now and then, keeping pace with changing sensibilities, and the competition.

How well does your retail space engage the customers? Do your displays encourage customers to handle products and examine them more closely, or perhaps, take the dress on the mannequin into the dressing room to try on? What about employees? Does your staff answer questions knowledgeably and with a friendly attitude, encouraging shoppers to feel good about what they’re buying? Engagement keeps customers lingering long enough to discover the must-have items that you sell.

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