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Change Management for An Enterprise Point of Sale


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What is Inventory Management? Stock & Order Systems

What is Inventory Management? Inventory or stock management is one of the most critical aspects of most modern businesses. In a nutshell, it’s a system for monitoring, purchasing, producing, and selling of any physical stock in your operation. It...

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How to Find the Right Restaurant Food Suppliers


As a restaurant owner, you’ll inevitably look to restaurant vendors for all the things you need in your location. Of these, restaurant food suppliers are fundamental. The foods used to make menu items are the foundation of any food service...

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Hook and Reel taps Revel POS for 50 locations

Hook and Reel, a Cajun seafood table service restaurant chain, is deploying the Revel POS for 50 locations. The restaurant chain chose to move forward with Revel Enterprise®, a cloud-based point of sale and business management platform designed for...

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Ways to Optimize Your Business Finances


Cash is the very basis of any business. No business, whether big or small, can run without it. If you want to succeed in your business, you must have a regular cash flow, and there are times when you might need professional advice for this. With a...

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5 Short-Term Business Loans for Restaurants


It takes money to make money, especially in the food and beverage industry. Restaurants need financing to cover everything from inventory to payroll, but traditional loans can be painfully slow to secure. Fortunately, you can find several...

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Revel Launches Robust Delivery XT Solution for Delivery Management


Delivery is a Critical Offering Delivery capabilities are now even more critical for many retail and hospitality businesses as they strive to remain open and service customers amid the pandemic. Revel's Delivery XT solution is quick and...

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Will COVID Steal Christmas? A Prediction for Online Retailers

Industry Insights and Trends

The nightmare before Christmas or joy to the world for online retailers?  It’s tough to say with certainty what online retailers should expect from this year’s holiday shopping period. Data in the immediate aftermath of Amazon’s delayed Prime Day...

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Why data visibility is the secret ingredient for restaurant success


Data visibility is not a term we’re used to hearing in conjunction with the restaurant industry. Restaurants conjure ideas of authentic cooking, true hospitality and good food equaling automatic success. In practice, there's a bit more to it than...

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Spotlight: New Delivery Management Solution

Product Features

The Evolution of Delivery Management Delivery isn’t new to the restaurant space. While the first adopters of the concept didn’t exactly have a sophisticated delivery management solution in place, the act of transporting ready-to-eat meals to others...

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