A Closer Look at Revel’s 2.70 App Release

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | March 18, 2021 |

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A Closer Looks at Revel’s 2.70 App Release

What’s New With Our Version 2.70 App

Revel version 2.70 is live in the App Store! This release includes an array of updates and enhancements designed to help clients streamline business operations and maximize profits.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite features from the 2.70 update:

Online Ordering XT

Revel’s Online Ordering XT solution is our team’s latest offering for online ordering. Directly integrated with the Revel point of sale (POS), Online Ordering XT is an entirely brandable, native solution that allows operators to control the off-premise guest experience from start to finish. With this solution merchants can reach guests beyond the confines of the dining room, maintain all profits and control of the consumer journey on every order, and ensure branding touchpoints throughout each transaction. 

Online Ordering XT is customizable via the Branding Tool. Operators can add their logo, promote current advertisements and specials, and match accent colors to their exact branding.  

Kiosk XT                                                        

Kiosk XT is Revel’s fully-branded self-service option for on-premise checkout. We’re excited to announce that the latest developments in this cutting-edge offering now include support for matrix inventory products, the option to access a management dashboard, new options for weighted products (with and without scales), and general user interface enhancements throughout for a smoother and beautified checkout experience.

A big change in 2.70 is the expanded administrative functionality available directly on the kiosk screen. Issuing refunds, creating products, troubleshooting, adjusting role permissions, and more are now supported functions within Kiosk XT. 

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Enhancements to Revel’s KDS with the 2.70 app release include options to maximize even more screen space and ultimately fulfill orders even faster. Condensed snaking for order details allows the screens to display even more data and gives expediters a full view of what’s happening with each order and order status. 

Improved logic for order modifiers also leverages automation for faster and coordinated printer updates directly from the KDS. 

Drive Thru      

Partnering with Delphi Display Systems, Revel now offers even more features for a full-service drive thru experience. Through this integration Revel clients have options for outdoor digital display boards, order confirmation screens, drive thru headsets, speed of service timers, and more. 

Merchants can design the drive thru solution that best fits their needs and budget with this integration. As demand for drive thru and off-premise dining remains high, these features are key considerations for any restaurant’s operations. 

An Ever-Evolving Product

At Revel, we do our best to equip our clients with all the features and functions they need for a nimble, successful, and scalable business. For these reasons, we prioritize regular updates to offer the best possible POS platform to our clients. 

Our team will continue to share content on this blog (and through other communication channels) as updates are available and new features designed to address challenges facing restaurants and retailers today are released. Our team is especially grateful to everyone who has—and continues to—provide us valuable feedback. This input helps us continuously adapt, improve and enhance our product! 

Learn more about Revel’s 2.70 updates by checking out our 2.70 support page