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How to Create a Kitchen Prep List & Why You Need One

A kitchen prep list — also referred to as a restaurant prep sheet, production sheet, kitchen prep sheet or par sheet — is essential to smooth restaurant kitchen functionality. It serves as both a record and a game plan for every day in the kitchen. When your prep list is formatted clearly and...

Menu Guides: The Top Menu Design Tips You Should Follow

Your menu determines whether someone places an order from you. Chances are your menu is one of the first real points of contact you’ll have with a new customer. Diners might browse your menu online whether they want to place an online food order or visit you for an in-person dining experience.

What to Expect During a Restaurant Health Inspection

Restaurant health inspections are a necessary part of a safe eating environment for diners. It can even benefit the long-term well-being of employees, especially the kitchen staff.

Should Your Business Consider Restaurant Loyalty Programs?

Are you looking for a way to boost patron retention for your restaurant?

How to Calculate Turnover Rate: An Easy Restaurant Guide

You've probably heard that a restaurant's food costs make up a significant portion of its overall expenses. But you might be surprised to learn that a restaurant's labor costs can also be a considerable expense. Employees are a restaurant's most important resource, and as such, it's essential to...

The Retailers’ Guide to Pricing Strategy

Are you trying to decide on a pricing strategy for your products and services? Evaluating your costs and adding markup isn't enough to figure out how much to charge for your goods.

A Guide to Business Cash Flow Analysis

How to Perform a Cash Flow Analysis and Why You Should As a business owner, chances are you’ve heard the term cash flow analysis. But what exactly does that mean? Your cash flow is the money you have to hand to cover your business’s expenses and keep the wheels moving.

How to Start a Take Out Food Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

The take out food industry has experienced a massive boom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. During the second and third quarters of 2020, the top four leading food delivery apps in the U.S. saw their revenues rise by $3 billion.

A Guide to Create the Perfect Virtual Restaurant Business Plan

Ghost kitchen, dark restaurant, or virtual restaurant are just some of the names used to describe this new-age concept. Whether you’re searching for a cheap first step into the restaurant business or looking to expand without incurring additional debt, developing a virtual restaurant business plan...

Webinar Recap: Franchise Marketing Tips from the Pros

The post-pandemic return to restaurants and retailers is in full swing. With this flood of consumers heading to businesses in person again, there is no shortage of demands vying for operators’ attention. Whether you are juggling staffing shortages, an influx of in-store traffic, sustained demand...

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