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How to Leverage Social Media to Market & Grow Your Restaurant Business

Knowing how to leverage social media can play a key factor in your restaurant’s growth. Social media has evolved from rudimentary communication into a tool capable of connecting you with millions of consumers around the world, elevating your reputation, and inviting audiences in for more.

4 Ways for Restaurants to Benefit from Social Media

Any business that relies on a lot of foot traffic has to make the most of any marketing opportunities available to it. For a restaurant, traditional channels like word of mouth or local advertising might bring in some customers, but these are not sustainable on their own in the long run.

How Worthwhile It Is for Your Business to Be “Instaworthy”

Quest for Instaworthy content Instagram, the mobile home of aspirational lifestyle content, is essentially free advertising for any business type. It’s a platform where aesthetic is king and where users hashtag away in the hopes of virality and fame. Instagram, a member of the Facebook family, has...

Who Is The Millennial Shopper? [Research Roundup]

An ever-changing tech landscape has conditioned the millennial shopper to embrace high-tech. New technologies affect shopping behaviors and evolving shopping behaviors affect technology—it’s a revolving door. This creates a complex, forward-thinking shopper.

4 Ways To Optimize Mobile For Small Businesses

Whether your phone is held in your hand, put in your pocket, or placed right next to you while you sleep, it’s suffice to say we are rarely without our loyal sidekick. While commerce exists in a mobile run world, small businesses have been slow to adopt the trend. In fact, three quarters of small...

7 Retail Trends To Watch For In 2017

Don't have time to keep an eye on upcoming retail trends? Revel has you covered. Here's a look at seven retail trends to watch for in 2017.

Clipping Coupons in a Digital Age: The Proof is in The Data

The first widespread coupon was offered in 1887 when Coca Cola created a slip for a complimentary Coke. It doesn’t take a marketing expert to know how that strategy worked out for them. By 1913, about one in three Americans had received a free Coke and Coca-Cola had given away 8.5 million free...

4 Fun Marketing Tips for Your Froyo Shop

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a yummy cup of froyo on a hot day! Did you know in a recent study that 79 percent of customers preferred froyo to regular ice cream? It’s time to capitalize on the froyo craze and get your share of the $486 million industry. Marketing is key to...

Top Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media is everywhere. You walk down the street and notice folks are all heads down on their mobile phones, tweeting out the latest trend, posting a photo on Facebook of their whereabouts, or Instagramming a selfie. Social media is more active than ever with over 12 million Americans using...

Top 3 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Retail Store Ready for Summer

Let the countdown begin! The first day of summer is around the corner. How are you going to get your business ready for the busy season? According to The Guardian, clothing sales alone increased 1.8% from summer weather, with a year-on-year increase in the month of June. Take advantage of the hot...

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