4 Fun Marketing Tips for Your Froyo Shop

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a yummy cup of froyo on a hot day! Did you know in a recent study that 79 percent of customers preferred froyo to regular ice cream? It’s time to capitalize on the froyo craze and get your share of the $486 million industry. Marketing is key to bringing in more customers. Get your froyo shop ready this summer with our 4 fun marketing tips:

1. Get your business out there, literally
Get your business outside! Consider taking it out on the road, whether through a cart or a food truck. Let’s go back to the good old days where your businesses go up to the customer through ice cream trucks. These days, food trucks and carts are fun ways to extend your business for more sales and awareness. Also, since it’s summer, there is no better time to get out there. Or even a sidewalk presence right outside your store with samples, signage and even mobile order takers.

2. Throw a fun event
Host an event for your froyo shop! Get people to come during the day or after hours for something fun and different. Provide new flavors and give sample tastes or work with another local business and partner on activities. Get your event details out there through social media, flyers, and word of mouth. Have contests, giveaways, and special treats for those that attend and give customers a reason to come back.

3. Be all over social media
Social media is everywhere - from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few. Show off photos of your new froyo flavors and store decorations. Keep followers up to date on the latest and coolest happenings around your froyo shop. The best part of social is you can have so much fun with it. Consider a social media contest for more viral reach and engagement, spotlight customers, and post some irresistible froyo teasers on snapchat.

4. Reward your customers
What customer doesn’t want to be rewarded for their purchase? Keep customers coming back with the right incentives. Offer points for purchases or even simple stamp cards as a start. For every purchase and added sale for your froyo shop, a customer can be one step closer to a cool giveaway or prize. Customers want to feel special, so why not show them some love for their continued business. Promote your new customer reward program throughout the store, either through creative signage on the floor or flyers around the neighborhood.