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Stay Smart about Your Business with Intelligent Reporting


Every hour you’re open for business, your Point of Sale is busy accepting payments, calculating change, estimating tips, and a range of other transactions. That’s a lot of number crunching, and fortunately for you, the numbers don’t have to...

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4 Ways to Set Your Business Up for Success With Automation Tools


Wouldn’t you like to know how to maximize your business’ revenue? Setting the right processes in place beforehand can help do that. With today’s modern technology, there are methods to help automate your business to save you both time and money....

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Best Tools for Restaurant Management


When we examine the components of a successful restaurant, a great menu is the key ingredient to building a loyal customer base. But, there’s a lot of work involved with getting those customers in the door and delivering those great meals to their...

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Personalized Data


Personalized data is gaining traction in our already tech-oriented society. One such trend is in fitness data tracking--with devices such as Fitbit or the Nike FuelBand. These wearable devices track how many steps you take, calories you burn, and...

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