Personalized Data

Personalized data is gaining traction in our already tech-oriented society. One such trend is in fitness data tracking--with devices such as Fitbit or the Nike FuelBand. These wearable devices track how many steps you take, calories you burn, and distance you go in the course of a day. This data is added up over the week, and you are given personalized reports on your progress, as well as how to achieve your fitness goals. Fitbit even tracks your sleep, for all intents and purposes giving you a comprehensive report on your health.

As a long time owner of a Fitbit, I can personally say that it has affected my day to day consciousness in terms of fitness. I feel a sense of guilt when I don’t achieve my daily goal of 10,000 steps, and Fitbit is sure to remind me when I’m close. Fitbit can also work as a social community--users can see how many steps their friends have taken, and how they measure up. The reminders and the comparisons--not to mention the real-time accessibility to data on how many steps you taken or miles you’ve walked--are enough to get you to take that 15 minute walk at lunch, or go on that run in the morning. Having constant access to that data causes the user to make real changes to his or her daily activities in terms of fitness.

Real-time data also creates changes in the world of business. If you own a restaurant or retail establishment, having the ability to access your sales, inventory, and employee information in real-time can make a huge difference in your day to day routine. With standard POS systems, for example, an owner would have to drive in to the office to access the back server. With Revel, you can access your data from anytime, anywhere. Because Revel is a cloud-based system, owners can receive real-time updates on their business, and make changes as soon as they need to be made.

Personalized data has made its way into both the personal and business spheres. Wearable fitness devices like the FuelBand or Fitbit have change how users approach their daily health and well-being, and Revel’s real-time reporting changes how owners view and access the back office. How has personalized data changed your life or work habits?