Best Tools for Restaurant Management

Revel Blog | Revel | January 27, 2015 |

QuickBooks reporting iPad POS restaurant

When we examine the components of a successful restaurant, a great menu is the key ingredient to building a loyal customer base. But, there’s a lot of work involved with getting those customers in the door and delivering those great meals to their tables. When we think about the tools we’ll need to open a new restaurant or give an existing one a facelift, we may focus on kitchen appliances like stoves and ovens, or furnishings that provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

A Few Additional Things to Think About

While the menu and ambiance are extremely important, the tools you choose for managing can prove to be a far more critical component of a successful eating establishment. It’s the little things behind the scenes that need to work flawlessly; things like inventory, scheduling of staff, keeping track of deliveries, and most importantly, the bottom line.

  • Do we have enough bread to support our pasta special?
  • Have we heard from the meat and poultry distributor on the big order?
  • Can we add a few extra drivers for the weekend delivery rush?
  • Do we have enough staff scheduled to support this week’s ad and coupons?
  • Did I remember to enter yesterday’s receipts into my bookkeeping program?

With all of these issues (and more) to deal with, you need the best possible restaurant management tools at your disposal. Revel Systems has a few great solutions to choose from.

Consolidation is Key

QuickBooks is a great way to keep track of all facets of your restaurant’s business requirements. When you integrate QuickBooks into a Revel POS, you’re adding a new layer of efficiency while streamlining the entire record keeping process. Revel’s POS keeps track of all transactions in real time so you’re always looking at the most recent sales figures. The best part is that Revel’s reporting capabilities can be easily transferred directly into your QuickBooks software. This means your most recent sales numbers can easily be entered in QuickBooks.

Versatility across Multiple Platforms

Revel can export data from any type of file including: CSV, XLS and JSON. This versatility provides effortless integration with your QuickBooks software. Since your sales figures are synched at the start of every business day, you’ll never have to manually enter them again. Each day you’ll receive an email with all of your sales figures in a spreadsheet for easy review and exporting to QuickBooks. This frees you up to concentrate of other facets of your restaurant that may require your attention. Revel’s QuickBooks Integration will allow you to get a solid handle on your restaurant’s financials by keeping all of your accounting tools in one simple toolkit.