Stay Smart about Your Business with Intelligent Reporting

Every hour you’re open for business, your Point of Sale is busy accepting payments, calculating change, estimating tips, and a range of other transactions. That’s a lot of number crunching, and fortunately for you, the numbers don’t have to disappear unaccounted for. Revel’s POS with the Intelligent Reporting suite meticulously gathers data from every transaction, organizing it into detailed reports to help you analyze your business performance on any given day, month, or year.

Here’s a glimpse at the wide range of reports that Revel offers:

For many business owners, this is the golden question. The amount of money that comes in via sales plays a big factor in long-term viability and success. Our Intelligent Reporting suite breaks down:

  • Sales Summary
    Uncover historical sales trends for your restaurant or store and further refine your merchandizing strategy. This tool includes a global breakdown of all financial payments and transactions.
  • Hourly Sales
    Which weekday is your restaurant special most popular? How much did your bar earn during happy hour? Discover significant selling patterns over a specific time period.
  • Product Mix
    In addition to searching by time period, this feature pulls up graphs and figures by product, so you can easily determine if your new item is catching on and make sure your signature product is still pulling its weight.

How are customers paying?

According to, the number of Americans using mobile payments increases daily. By now, you should be sailing along on the mobile payment wave and be prepared to integrate contactless cards. As you assess the need to implement third-party payment applications like Apple Pay, the following Intelligent Reporting stats will come in handy:

  • Payment Summary
    Which payment method do your customers use most? Payment Summary shows a detailed breakdown.
  • Gift and Reward Card Reports
    Gift Card Granny reports that retailers who switch from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards see a 50 to 100 percent increase in sales. Test out the data with this series of reports on your customers’ gift card status.
  • Customers Orders
    Market what matters most to your customers with the help of order history and contact information tracking.

How much are you spending?

Hopefully, what pours into your pocket is far more than what trickles out. Keep business in line with Intelligent Reporting tools like:

  • Labor Costs
    Identify where you stand. This feature calculates labor costs as a percentage of incoming sales.
  • Taxes
    Gone are the days of dreading the April filing deadline. Intelligent Reporting has you covered with a detailed breakdown of tax totals by your state's tax rate.

Are you ready to learn from mistakes, build on successes, and grow your business with the intelligence you need at your fingertips? Contact us to find out how Revel can provide the insights you need to make sure business is a success.