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An Essential Guide to Break-Even Analysis


Performing your break-even analysis is an essential function in economics and cost accounting. By understanding how to calculate break-even points in both units and revenue, you can figure out how many of a certain product you need to sell to cover...

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Retail Revelations: Disrupting Digital Dominance


Revel announced the Retail Revelations Report this week, which examines consumer habits, preferences, and expectations across the variety of channels that are currently utilized for retail shopping. While large eCommerce platforms like Amazon have...

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Why Your Business Needs to Get on the EMV Train


There are key changes that shouldn’t be overlooked for POS EMV card security, one being the new EMV standards for POS has taken place October 1, 2015. October 1 and U.S. merchants will need to be EMV compliant, accepting chips for payment. Failure...

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Tip the Scale in Your Favor With an iPad POS


The iPad Point of Sale has changed the way customers pay—and tip—for a meal. According to a 2015 survey by Software Advice, a site that offers insight on iPad POS systems, tipping digitally makes the process easier, leading to greater...

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