Tip the Scale in Your Favor With an iPad POS

The iPad Point of Sale has changed the way customers pay—and tip—for a meal. According to a 2015 survey by Software Advice, a site that offers insight on iPad POS systems, tipping digitally makes the process easier, leading to greater gratuities. This is a win-win for everyone, since bigger tips lead to happier employees, which facilitates a better customer experience and a more successful business overall.

Difficulty Tipping With An iPad POS

Here’s more on how an iPad Point of Sale can help to fatten employee pockets.

  1. It’s easy. Over 50 percent of Software Advice survey respondents say using an iPad to leave a tip at cafes and restaurants is “not at all difficult,” while 89 percent experience little to no difficulty. Since tip options typically ranging from 15 to 25 percent are already calculated, all it takes is the push of a button. Customers also have the option to input a specific tip amount.
  2. It’s less painful. For many customers, spending money can be a source of stress. This “pain of paying” is amplified when customers must pull bills from their wallets or add up tips by hand. An iPad Point of Sale streamlines the entire process, making it less obvious, author Nir Eyal explains.
  3. People are generally nice. Twenty-nine percent of Software Advice survey respondents say they would be more likely to leave a tip than to press a “no tip” button. While this may rub off as a pressure tactic to some, it seems to be working. Another way to look at it is people are generally appreciative and prefer to show a token of that appreciation when given the opportunity.
  4. Women are generally nicer. Some establishments have it arranged so that the employee inputs tips amounts in the iPad Point of Sale. In this scenario, women are twice as likely as men to leave a higher tip. Perhaps that’s one reason why 66 percent of customers strongly prefer to input tips themselves.
  5. Servers matter. Even when customers input tip amounts for themselves using the iPad Point of Sale, a server is often standing right in front of them during the transaction. This is especially the case at fast and casual establishments. The server’s proximity lends to 41 percent of survey respondents “definitely” or “probably” increasing their tips amounts.

Effect of Nearby Server

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