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Why Are Plant-Based Pizza Sales on the Rise?


Plant-based is one of the biggest trends in America's favorite food. Increasingly, cauliflower crust, vegan mozzarella, and plant-derived pepperoni are replacing the cheesy, meaty, greasy version of pizza of the past. But why are plant-based pizza...

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Pizza Tech Trends: Delivery and Online Ordering


Technology can play a major role in the pizza business. After all, pizzerias are credited with championing the very first delivery solutions. This blog post will offer you a closer look at the pizza tech trends to watch. Read on to see how you can...

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International Pizza Expo 2016

Industry Insights

A Look Back at This Year's Pizza Expo With 93% of Americans consuming pizza at least once a month, you can imagine the pizza industry is a major market for our country and it is actually so important that it has its own annual industry event called...

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A POS Solution for Every Type of Business


Revel Systems has revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes operate. The versatility of our iPad POS platform makes it a perfect choice for any business ready to integrate a POS system into its current small business or enterprise. Let’s take a...

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How an iPad POS Can Help Your Pizza Shop

pizza shop

We love our pizza! In fact, as of 2014 there were 73,097 pizza restaurants in the United States according to That’s up from 71,856 in 2012. All told, these pizza restaurants combine to sell three billion pizzas in America alone; the...

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The Birth of Pizza : From New York to Chicago


For a simple, satisfying meal on the go, nothing beats a delicious slice of pizza. Pizza’s also ideal for feeding large parties at a bargain price. The same was true of pizza 200 years ago. This versatile, ingredient-laden pie got its start for the...

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Trends in Pizza Restaurants

iPad POS

“When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie that’s amore!” With apologies to Dean Martin, Americans love our pizza to the tune of close to 70,000 pizza restaurants, and around $38 billion in annual sales according to Whether it’s a...

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Revel POS for Pizza Restaurants: Easy as Pie

pizza shop

The Revel POS system is already becoming the most widely used iPad POS for quick service, table service, and retail environments. With several new features recently added, Revel is easily the perfect POS solution for pizza restaurants as well.

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The Just Crust: Doing Pizza Justice


The Just Crust Pizzeria, located in Cambridge, MA, offers delicious, thin crust pizza with a side of social change.  Try one of their seasonal pizzas, such as the Basilico with house made, fresh basil pesto and topped with local ricotta. You’ll note...

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