A POS Solution for Every Type of Business

Revel Systems has revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes operate. The versatility of our iPad POS platform makes it a perfect choice for any business ready to integrate a POS system into its current small business or enterprise. Let’s take a look at how Revel functions can help grow any type of business.

Frozen Yogurt POS
Designed especially for the FroYo industry, Revel offers the only POS System that integrates with your food safe scale. You can track each topping in real time assuring profits while reducing waste. Other key features of the FroYo POS include:

  • Always on Mode that keeps you up and running during an internet failure or power outage
  • Scale Integration creates an interface between your scales and your POS for lightning fast connectivity
  • Multiple Tare Values allows multiple products to be weighed out simultaneously for a single order
  • Loyalty Programs let you create a rewards card or other offers to assure repeat business

Retail POS
Revel’s Retail POS provides faster service and increased customer satisfaction by processing orders 14 percent faster than standard POS systems. Sleek hardware design combined with incredible technology will take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Matrix Inventory uses identifiers like size and color for tighter inventory management
  • Customer Relationship Management lets you see and track customer history and purchasing trends
  • Employee Management allows for extra staff during busy times and reduced staff during slow times to control payroll
  • Intelligent Reporting consolidates the numbers giving you a solid overview of all business activities

This all-in-one solution keeps your Bar business running smoothly by offering convenience features like Bar Tab Management and Split Bill Capability. It also gives you an exact accounting of drinks poured so you’re always on top of the most challenging part of the bar industry. A few other key features include:

  • Ingredient Inventory Management tracks every drop of alcohol poured so you know when to restock or trace irregularities
  • Mobile Ordering lets your customers skip the line and order from their mobile devices

Restaurant POS
The restaurant business is tough enough but Revel can help ease your workload. With Revel you can manage Ingredient Level Inventory in real time so you’re never out of the daily special. Table Layout customization and Tab Management assures a smooth customer experience. A few other features you’ll learn to rely on include:

  • Table Layouts can be created and managed from your management console
  • Tableside Ordering allows your wait staff to place orders directly from the customer’s table so there’s no more running back and forth to the kitchen with every order
  • Till Management that keeps the in the register correct, even with multiple users

Pizza POS
With a focus on the key part of any successful Pizza Restaurant – delivery; Revel puts features like Delivery Management with driver tracking at your fingertips. There’s also detailed order status tracking and Inventory management that keeps track of ingredients used in real time. In a business where profit margins can be as thin as your crust, why leave anything to chance? Here are a few other Pizza business specific features:

  • Half Pizza Specification easily keeps track of specialty orders
  • Delivery Management tracks your driver’s location and estimates delivery times
  • Caller ID can auto-create a customer profile for repeat business management

Salon POS
Revel lets you manage your Salon, Spa or Beauty Parlor efficiently and effectively with features designed especially for this high growth industry. You or your staffers can set individual schedules, services, times, commissions and prices. Revel provides a steady hand (with very nice nails) to a business with many logistical challenges. Here’s a few more ways we can help:

  • Appointment Scheduling gives your clients online access to scheduling or you can schedule business on your iPad POS
  • Email & Text Confirmation reminds customers of appointments cutting down on no-shows
  • Time Blocking allows you to manage employee’s break and lunch times so you’re always within legal guidelines – you can also schedule time off and vacations
  • Custom Service Providers links employees to specific services assuring the right person for the right job while keeping prices, commissions and times constant
  • Filtering Capabilities lets you view appointments by date or individual employee

With the ability to customize each POS system, Revel Systems has a turnkey solution for every type of business, large and small.