Revel POS for Pizza Restaurants: Easy as Pie

The Revel POS system is already becoming the most widely used iPad POS for quick service, table service, and retail environments. With several new features recently added, Revel is easily the perfect POS solution for pizza restaurants as well.

The new Revel delivery management system makes it easy as pie for owners to keep track of deliveries. From the time an order is received, and until it reaches the customer, the order is tracked and recorded. When orders are ready to be delivered, drivers can checkout with multiple orders, each containing the customer name, address, and special notes. No longer will drivers be left questioning where the customer lives, or if he or she wants some dipping sauce on the side.  Once all deliveries are complete, drivers can check back in at the restaurant and close out all of his/her delivery orders. Drivers and employees will not want to take too long with orders as all order data and delivery times are sent directly to the backend management console.

Revel’s backend management console already produces the most robust and accurate reports of any iPad POS system. With the addition of the new delivery management reports, pizza shop owners get a breakdown of each slice of the business.

  • Sales Summary - See your sales broken down by payment, time, employee, and more to get the big picture.
  • Product Mix - Keep an eye on which products are hot, and which products are not with each sold product being tracked.
  • Delivery Management - Drivers will be making extra fast deliveries knowing that times and orders are being tracked.
  • Customer Database - Enter new customers directly on an iPad or upload a whole database into the backend, then browse through customer orders anytime.
  • Gift Card Tracking - Each gift card and its balance are constantly recorded so there is never a question as to the value.

Keeping track of ingredient level inventories can be one of the most important and stressful tasks of managing a pizza shop. With Revel, this is not the case. The Revel inventory tracking system ensures that every pepperoni is accounted for. Using ingredient level inventory and recipes, the inventory management system will show up-to-the-minute stock levels by way of live order tracking. Shrink, low order alerts, and theoretical usage can also be pulled up with the click of a mouse. Of course, before adding ingredients, a menu needs to be built.

The menu is the most used, and most necessary feature of any POS system. Revel has cut out all of the excess and leaves clients with a clean, fluid, layout that any employee can navigate. Pizza menus can include several modifiers and options that make it a long process to build. Luckily, the Revel system allows for an entire menu to easily be uploaded to the backend. Revel’s modifiers are also great for pizza menus with the ability to create half modifiers and modifier classes.

All these features, and more, make Revel the most complete POS solution on the market. Setup is a snap, and day-to-day use is even easier. However, if a problem should ever come up, the Revel Support Team will always be around to provide answer and assistance 24/7.