Recent Articles from Food delivery

Weighing Convenience vs. Price for Food Delivery Subscriptions

In spite of many shifts in the marketplace and in consumer preferences as of late, convenience continues to reign supreme for consumer spending behavior. One area where that translates meaningfully for food brands is that of delivery.

How To Meet The Food Delivery 30 Minute Deadline

While the 30 minute food delivery deadline is arbitrary, this guarantee is still met by many major market players. And with customer expectations rising tenfold, more and more food establishments are feeling the pressure to provide fast, and accurate delivery.

Revel And Dragontail Systems Modernizes Food Preparation and Delivery

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with Dragontail Systems, a company revolutionizing the QSR industry through automation and artificial intelligence.

2017 Delivery Technology Trends

Pizza was the great catalyst for the popularity of the online delivery industry. And while pizza accounts for some 60% of the online food delivery market, this day and age you can get everything from your laundry to your booze delivered right to your doorstep!

Top 5 Food Delivery Drones

Convenience is in high demand these days, and that includes consumer dining options. Online ordering is a boon to the busy parent or office worker, and having food delivered allows for even more convenience. What if customers could have top 5 of their favorite foods delivered via drone?

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