2017 Delivery Technology Trends

Pizza was the great catalyst for the popularity of the online delivery industry. And while pizza accounts for some 60% of the online food delivery market, this day and age you can get everything from your laundry to your booze delivered right to your doorstep!

The recent expansion of the delivery industry can largely be attributed to increased access to technology and demand for convenience. Generation Y, informally known as the “Convenience Generation”, now gets one out of every five restaurant meals delivered.

To prepare for this delivery volume, here are the delivery technology trends that are driving success:

Route Optimization

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft work to optimize their mapping algorithm to pick up more and more passengers under tight time restraints; the delivery industry can emulate these practices to optimize delivery routes for large volume orders.

Hot foods and hungry passengers demand timely arrivals, but how can your business get the most from your drivers? Master the map. With a delivery management console, you can designate deliveries and drivers based on customers’ location. Orders will queue according to time and location, allowing drivers to deliver multiple orders based on geographic location – orders are grouped according to building address and zip code.

Driver Tracking

Whether you have two or ten drivers – keeping track of each delivery can be a headache. With driver tracking technology, you can clearly view where each driver is, details of the order, and even monitor their check ins/outs as well as future routes. When a customer calls in to check on the status of their order, you can put them at ease, by providing them with an up-to-the-second update of their order.  

Customer Relationship Management

High customer retention is touted as a critical ingredient for success. So integrating CRM into your delivery management system should be a no-brainer. When a customer places an order, online or via phone, choose a system that identifies the customer. Then you can have insight into their preferences, order history, and loyalty membership, equipping you to deliver the white glove service that customers crave.

Delivery Analytics

As data continues to manifest itself into every corner of business, you can gather analytics on your delivery performance. Through detailed reporting, up-to-the-second data, and long-term forecasting, you can gain insight into the delivery order histories.

With data you can provide intelligent delivery estimates for your customers, organize your back of house with average food preparation time, and aggregate sales totals.

Third-Party Integrations

For high volume restaurants that want to broaden their scope, they can integrate third-party ordering sites into one seamless platform. Now your business can be seen by more people, through multiple ordering sites. Many of these sites have built-in SEO features, so your business will rise to the top of customer searches.  

White Label Apps

Empower your customers by giving them the option to securely place orders from their phone.

Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important sales channel, and it’s essential to be where your customers are. Whether its delivery or takeout, white label apps are key to maintaining a consistent brand across channels and providing your customers with a seamless experience.

Deliveries can make or break your business. Revel’s Delivery Management can provide you with the platform you need and the best possible delivery tools to drive success.