What's The ROI In API?

API or Application Program Interface simply put; asks other software to perform various functions required by the system to operate correctly, as outlined in a recent Computerworld.com article. Analogous to a building without doors, an open API allows a free flow of information between programs. Businesses are integrating with one another so much so that many are composites of each other.

Fortune described Uber as the perfect example. Uber’s core functionalities are products of other companies: Google Maps for directions, Braintree for payment, Twilio for text alerts – all of which are able to connect through APIs.

But how do APIs add value to your business?

Enhance Customer Experience

Deploying a POS platform with open API gives you all the functionalities you need to enhance your business’s customer service. Do you have trouble retaining existing customers or attracting new ones? Enabling APIs is a key part of a customer retention strategy. And when loyal customers are worth 10 times as much as their first purchase, there’s a financial incentive to turn shoppers into returning buyers.

APIs enable a personalized, flawless experience for the customers and allow for them to interact with your business in a new and unique way. These customer relationship management (CRM) applications are designed specifically for your customers. And once these applications are integrated into your existing Point of Sale platform, your POS becomes more than just a place where a sale is made, instead it’s a comprehensive business management platform. Whether your retail shop needs to expand its email marketing or your winery seeks to revamp its member discounts, APIs arm you with the tools necessary to increase customer loyalty.

Streamline Technology

We live in an increasingly connected world. A simple press of a button can send signals across multiple applications and communicate with different technologies to share information instantaneously. Business software is no different. With an open API Point of Sale platform, you can streamline your services from accounting and eCommerce to CRM, workforce management and reporting.

A streamlined platform lets you move many operations at once, smoothly and quickly. Business owner can make informed decisions in real-time and enact this insight across all channels, seamlessly.

Grow Your Business

For rapid growth, shifting verticals, or complete industry pivots, APIs empower businesses’ to be agile. Thanks to unlimited integrations, adapting to a changing landscape can be done in in the moment, saving you time and money. It saves you the time needed to find stand-alone innovative apps, hours needed to rework your entire technology architecture, or nights on call with IT support. It saves you money by letting you grow with unlimited integrations, maximizing ROI, and making sure you don’t skip a beat when you scale your business.

An open API POS platform will manage as much as your business as you see fit, so you can reclaim control.