Revel And Dragontail Systems Modernizes Food Preparation and Delivery

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with Dragontail Systems, a company revolutionizing the QSR industry through automation and artificial intelligence. 

The partnership introduces two new features into our QSR platform. The first being the Dragontail Algo system, a modernized dispatch system, which employs a sophisticated algorithm to optimize and manage the entire food preparation process. The second feature we’re implementing is the Dragontail Camera Cutting Station, which is a machine learning technology that monitors kitchen activity during the preparation and cooking process.

These improvements reduce labor and food costs for business owners, all while ensuring that customers’ orders is quality assured, accurately made, and served at optimal temperature.

dragontail systems

Want to see Dragontail Systems in action? Revel will be at booth N2637 and Dragontail Systems will be at booth N2552 at Pizza Expo.

The full press release can be found here.