How To Meet The Food Delivery 30 Minute Deadline

While the 30 minute food delivery deadline is arbitrary, this guarantee is still met by many major market players. And with customer expectations rising tenfold, more and more food establishments are feeling the pressure to provide fast, and accurate delivery.

Build delivery credibility, and preserve your restaurant’s reputation by ensuring that these factors are in place:

Sync Your Back of House

Ensuring speedy delivery begins at the back of back of house. By syncing your delivery management directly into a Point of Sale, you can streamline the delivery process and allow for more control.

Know Your Customer

Literally. Revel’s Delivery Management can instantly identify a customer by phone number and match it with existing profile information in your Point of Sale platform. This key feature begins the preparation and delivery process and is critical to the overall performance and speed of your delivery operation.

A customer’s preferences, order history, special discounts for VIP clients, food allergies, personalized call names, and more are stored in the CRM to equip you to deliver the white glove service that customers crave.

Group Deliveries By Location

Streamline your business by grouping orders for delivery based on time request and address. Orders will queue according to time and location, allowing drivers to deliver multiple orders based on geographic location – orders are grouped according to building address and zip code.

Driver GPS

Make sure your drivers are set-up with the latest in GPS technology. With step by step directions – powered by Apple® Maps – on the Delivery Management Console, the driver heading out for delivery will see the directions clearly laid out.

Driver Tracking

With driver tracking technology, you can clearly view where each driver is, details of the order, and even monitor their check ins/outs as well as future routes to ensure speedy deliveries. When a customer calls in to check on the status of their order, you can put them at ease, by providing them with an up-to-the-second update of their order.  

Offer Mobile and Online Ordering

Online ordering is set to overtake phone ordering, and the mobile and online approach is opening new revenue streams for businesses. In fact, the average online pizza order is 18% higher than orders made by phone. So not only can you sell more per order, but by deploying an omnichannel solution for your business you can process more orders, where your customers are, quickly and seamlessly.

Use Data To Improve Delivery Times

With data, you can provide intelligent delivery estimates for your customers, organize your back of house with average food preparation time, and aggregate sales totals. This helps you choose which foods to offer for delivery, how long each order is taking to reach its customers, and how this is affecting your bottom line.

If you’re in the food business, and you’re not offering delivery, you might be missing out on massive revenue opportunities. As reported by the Washington Post, as much as 15-20% of all restaurant meals consumed in the US are delivered. Worse yet, if you’re not offering delivery, you’re limiting your ability to connect with customers on their terms, which isn’t doing you any favors in terms of acquisition or retention.

 The population is hungry for convenience. Looking to deliver food in 30 minutes or less? Learn more about Revel Systems Delivery Management.