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Deeper Than Loyalty: How to Create a Culture of Consumer Trust

Consumer trust is your ticket to consistent sales, strong engagement, and unlimited opportunities for growth. You may have a loyalty program and surely have some form of customer outreach and communication, but how can you build a culture of consumer trust at your company?

Leveraging Your Brand's Loyalty Rewards Program For Maximum Returns

Most business owners who rely on customer traffic or repeat business understand the importance of a loyalty rewards program.

Does Your Restaurant Need an App?

There was a time when all a restaurant needed in order to attract new customers and keep them interested (aside from a great product) was a menu and a sign. This is no longer the case. Restaurants depend on a variety of channels, including social media, websites, and other technology to compete in...

How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

The ‘service with a smile’ mantra has had an ubiquitous influence within the service industry. Two decades ago the means needed to drive customer happiness was simple; friendly and informed employees. Since the advent of technology, specifically CRM tools, this precedent has seriously shifted. And...

The Secret To Getting Your Loyalty Program Back On Track

Whether your loyalty program has been in place for years or is recently up and running, you may notice unredeemed points, low participation, or inconsistencies in your data. These are some warning signs that your current loyalty program is costing you more than benefiting you. So, how do you get...

The Death Of Customer Service

Customer service has been a pillar of good business practices since the motto “The Customer Is Always Right” was popularized in the early 20th century. Titans in the industry have long championed this concept, whereas brands like Nordstrom and Apple have become synonymous with the catch-all phrase....

Retention or Attrition? Building Business with CRM

Remember when your favorite shopping experience was limited to a single touch? If you weren’t in the store at the right time, you were sure to miss out on the announcements of an upcoming sale, not to mention the sale itself. Few things are as aggravating to the loyal shopper as keeping tabs on...

It's Raining on Your Lemonade Stand: Use Negative Feedback

Balancing the Negative with the Positive Panic!

CRM Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Experience

There was a time when you could reach out to your regular customers with a phone call or hand-written note to let them know how much you appreciated their business. You may have even slipped in a coupon good for a discount on a future purchase. The personal touch is a tried and true method of...

5 Ways to Grow Your Email Audience

Print marketing and telesales campaigns can take time and be costly to implement. Email marketing, on the other hand, can reduce overhead marketing costs, and the quick turnaround between development and implementation means you can spread the word on timely sales and promotions on the same day.

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