How Does Self-Service Drive Customer Loyalty

The ‘service with a smile’ mantra has had an ubiquitous influence within the service industry. Two decades ago the means needed to drive customer happiness was simple; friendly and informed employees. Since the advent of technology, specifically CRM tools, this precedent has seriously shifted. And while the presence of such employees is still important, investing in technology is necessary for attracting and retaining customers.

And if your business offers self-service stations or is completely self-service, you need to ensure that you are not losing out on an opportunity to deepen customer relationships through these sales channels.

While self-service is usually equated with characteristics like automation, efficiency, and speed, it is rarely seen as a tool for building customer relationships. But with a feature-rich Self-Service Kiosk, you can not only introduce a new stream of revenue but also integrate your CRM and loyalty programs seamlessly into your kiosk. Customers can earn rewards, quickly view their order history, and easily reorder their favorites.

Drive Loyalty With A Revel Systems Self-Service Kiosk

Directly on the kiosk, customers can create their own profile. On the Management Console, enable “Customer Creation” and from there, you can decide the personal information customers need to fill out (eg: email, phone number, birth date) in order to place an order.

customer loyalty

You can then automatically offer gifts, rewards, and points through a designated login, like their phone number. So when they look at their own profile, they will see how many rewards points and how many visit points they have accrued. The customers can reorder items from a list of previous orders, making it easy for customers to always remember their favorites.

There is also an automatic loyalty creation setting that helps eliminate human error. Once a new customer profile is added through the POS, the system will automatically alert you whether you want to generate a rewards program.

Revel Systems lets you differentiate “Individual” from “Company” for your rewards programs. If you want all employees from Nike to accrue 5 points for every $50 purchase, you can assign a company to the loyalty program. Also, with Cash Back Rewards you can label the reward, so when it shows up in the system you can choose how much each point will earn.

Looking for a Self-Service Kiosk with an integrated loyalty program? Learn more about Revel Systems and deepen your relationships with your customers.