5 Ways to Grow Your Email Audience

Print marketing and telesales campaigns can take time and be costly to implement. Email marketing, on the other hand, can reduce overhead marketing costs, and the quick turnaround between development and implementation means you can spread the word on timely sales and promotions on the same day.

The benefits of email marketing continue. Customers who forward an email promotion from your business serve as advocates for your brand, proving that an email’s reach can be vastly wider than your original mailing list. Even without going viral, email marketing can attract new customers to your business while giving existing customers a reason to remember you.

An effective email marketing campaign, however, requires a robust list of contacts. Grow your database quickly and steadily with the following surefire techniques:

  1. Dangle freebies. Customers love free stuff. This can be everything from a free cup of coffee on a Wednesday to a free appetizer during Happy Hour. Choose five winners from among the first 50 new subscribers who click on the promo box. Discounted offers are the next best thing. The likes of monthly coupons can help you gather new email signups on the regular.
  2. Make sign-ups easy. Whether your expertise is fashion or gourmet cooking, it’s a great way to connect with email subscribers. Share a weekly recipe or cooking tip, or simply offer advice about a topic you’ve dealt with recently. A newsletter that’s a useful source of information not only stays in their inboxes, it actually gets opened. Once you’ve got your newsletter template in motion, make sure customers know about it. Your website and Facebook account should include a newsletter sign-up box on every page. You can even keep a paper sign-up sheet on the counter for walk-ins to your establishment.
  3. Print your website often. Utilize the opportunity to print your website whenever it arises. Everything from your business card to your menu to your signage to your customer receipts should promote your online presence. These reminders encourage customers to look you up online, learn more about your services, and sign up for email updates.
  4. Share links with like-minded businesses. Partner with local businesses you share an affinity for. Exchanging website links on your respective blogs or newsletters recommends you to their customer bases, and vice versa.
  5. Send the message. Every email you send to personal and professional contacts can indirectly remind the people you communicate with to sign up for your email list. Just include a link to your web form on the signature line.

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