CRM Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Experience

There was a time when you could reach out to your regular customers with a phone call or hand-written note to let them know how much you appreciated their business. You may have even slipped in a coupon good for a discount on a future purchase. The personal touch is a tried and true method of customer retention, but in the digital age neither you nor your customers have time for phone calls or notes.  A recent article on CRM Trends states that the average email subscriber gets up to 416 commercial messages a month, and most get deleted without ever being opened.

CRM Builds on Existing Marketing Strategies

The challenges for business owners trying to carve out market share in a highly competitive landscape can seem overwhelming. Gaining new customers is the obvious goal of any enterprise, but creating and cultivating repeat customers is the key to long term viability. Even if you have a current marketing plan that includes loyalty programs, social media blasts, or simple coupons, you could still be missing a significant portion of potential customers due to poor data management. CRM is the path to consolidating your marketing messages while fine tuning them to reach specific segments of your existing customer base.

The Best Results are the Fruit of Quality Data

The crucial element in reaching your current customers effectively is having quality data on your customer’s buying habits and preferences, and a Revel CRM is a great first step toward achieving this goal. The ability to manage your customer’s preferences means you’ve always got an up to the minute snapshot of their buying habits and profile. The information at your fingertips includes: names and contact info including email addresses; gift card and loyalty program tracking that includes points accrued; a comprehensive order history, and a notes section to add additional pertinent information. Another key feature of a Revel CRM is the data collection begins with a customer’s initial purchase or first order. You’ll never need to go back and add them in later.

Building Customer Relationships is the Heart of CRM

CRM isn’t just a cold-hearted conduit for farming data from your customers. The proper utilization of CRM features a customer centric strategy that basically builds on the buying patterns they’ve already established. If your take-out customer always orders soup, why would you send them an offer on steaks? A recent story on Dunn & Bradstreet cites a Forrester Research Inc. report, “Customer management professionals tell us that poor data management is one of the biggest barriers to getting value from their CRM systems.”

Additional Benefits of CRM

Customer loyalty is based on a fairly simple premise; they respond to customer service and how they are treated when interacting with your business according to a 2014 article on Complaints or other issues that are handled quickly and to the customer’s benefit will assure customer satisfaction and by extension repeat business. CRM provides all the data required to address and correct any customer issue or complaint since the data is always accessible. CRM is a valuable tool designed to help you better serve the needs of your customers while reaping the rewards of repeat business and additional revenue streams.

A Revel CRM can grow your Business Exponentially

A key feature of a Revel CRM is the fact that it’s fully integrated into your Point of Sale system allowing complete access to all customer interactions directly from the management console. You can also export your CRM data to Salesforce, Magento and Sugar CRM for added versatility. By organizing and synchronizing this data, business owners have a complete overview of their customer’s buying habits and can target them with specific offers based on their personal preferences. A Revel CRM is the best way to get to know your customers better and meet their individual needs based on past buying behaviors. Interested in learning more?