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Top Blog Posts for Your Business

Revel | January 3, 2018 |

iPad POS Industry Insights
Top Blog Posts for Your Business

2017 was a busy year for us here at Revel! We expanded the number of integration partners and those on boarded this year include LevelUp, LoyaltyPlant Como, DSYNC, and Dragontail Algo System. We also launched our all-in-one payment service, Revel Advantage.

And as we look back at our 2017, we’ve gathered the top blog posts of 2017 for your business. Get the year started right with these tips and tricks!

Retail: Looking to boost the customer experience and drive down operational costs? Check out these tips and tricks to help you better connect with your customers, drive sales, and cut costs.


3 Easy Steps For Growing Repeat Customers

How To Choose The Right Merchant Service Provider

5 Simple Ways To Get More Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

Simple Store Layout Hacks That Will Boost Sales

3 Ways to Create a Personalized Retail Experience

Table Service: Sync up your front and back of house in 2018. Learn how to seamlessly run your restaurant and turn tables faster.

how to seamlessly run your restaurant and turn tables faster

3 Technologies Designed to Improve Order Accuracy

4 Key Benefits of Offering Online Ordering

Smart Restaurant: Implications of IoT for Food Service

On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow

8 Ways To Jump-Start Your Restaurant Traffic for 2018

Quick Service: Accelerate your quick service establishment this year without compromising on quality. See how you can better understand your customers and deliver more this year.

Accelerate your quick service establishment this year

3 Ways to Attract (and Keep) Millennial Diners

Generate More Sales With Less Staff

Smarter, Not Harder: The Fast Casual Motto

3 Ways Self-Service Kiosks Deliver ROI

Fast Casual Restaurant Success Stories (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Enterprise: Looking to open multiple locations? Want to learn how to better manage a multi-location business model? Check out these articles!

Looking to open multiple locations

Is Your Technology Budget Too Low?

Guide To Picking Your Next Location

What To Consider Before Franchising Your Restaurant

3 Questions To Ask Before Forming A Business Partnership

Consumer Payment Trends

Start 2018 on the right foot with a Revel Point of Sale and Platform. Everything from inventory and employee management to CRM and online ordering – arm your business with the latest in Point of Sale technology. Learn how to get a free demo here.