Generate More Sales With Less Staff

We’ve seen a changing landscape in the foodservice and retail industry; labor costs are gradually increasing, automated technology is becoming less expensive, and customers are becoming more technologically sophisticated. This leaves opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market and maintain their labor costs.

The catalyst to this new found opportunity? Technology. By implementing technology into your business you can generate more sales with less staff, without having to compromise the customers’ experience.

Self-Service Kiosks

When customers order at a kiosk it impacts their behavior. Taco Bell found orders placed on their self-checkout mobile app are 20% pricier, on average, than those taken by a human cashier. Both Chili’s and McDonald’s have also reported an increased order size when customers placed an order on the kiosk.

Why is this the case? It is because kiosks never forget to upsell, you can integrate your upsell and add on choices directly into the kiosk sales process to encourage customers to increase the size of their order. It also gets rid of the physiological pressure and social judgements of ordering food from an employee. It has been studied that customers are less likely to order exactly what they desire from a cashier, decreasing the order size and hurting the customer experience. In addition to larger order sizes, businesses increase their speed of checkout and have fewer employees to pay.

With a Revel Self-Service Kiosk, your business can reduce wait times and increase the overall number of customers to add to your top line revenue. With Revel’s intuitive layout and flexible ordering, customers can easily edit their orders at any time and see detailed product descriptions.

Online Ordering

Both mobile websites and mobile apps let customers find and access your business from devices they use the most, but it is important to note that a website and app are two different things. A mobile website is designed for smaller screens and touch-screen capabilities, can be accessed using a Web browser, and features the same functions as your desktop site. The primary benefit of a mobile website is that it makes regular websites more accessible for mobile users.

Now, a mobile app is a smartphone or tablet application, meaning it must be downloaded and installed. This allows merchants to gather data about customers’ preferences, offer better personalization, send notifications, make use of GPS, and apply a new branding experience to their customers.

Both mobile websites and apps are integral channels to m-commerce. And m-commerce, the fastest growing sales channel, accounts for 130 billion dollars annually.

Revel offers a customized mobile website and mobile app for your business. Customers can filter their searches, and for example, they can input a specific brand and a specific size, and options with detailed product descriptions will populate. The mobile web view allows for optimal payment types, order options, and color schemes to help your business gain exposure.

With Revel’s mobile app, Custom Commerce, it will look like your own business application with customized branding. You can choose what your customers will see, how they will search, provide your business hours, and contact information, to make sure you are engaging with your customers where they are.

Both mobile websites and mobile apps enable automated ordering outside of the physical constraints of your restaurant, expanding your reach and empowering you to generate more sales without an increase in labor.

Technology is critical to the survival of your business, and an important differentiator in the wake of increasing competition. Increase your operational efficiency and sell more, with technologies designed to upsell customers and increase sales channels.


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