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3 Ways to Create a Personalized Retail Experience

Revel | August 4, 2017 |

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3 Ways to Create a Personalized Retail Experience

As technology has grown more embedded in our everyday lives, consumers’ expectations have shifted. Customers are empowered to get exactly what they want, when they want it, thanks to advances in technology. This is true across  almost every industry - customers personalize clothing online, build their own food in restaurants, and and can have just about anything delivered to their doorsteps. Consumers expect a deeper and more personalized shopping experience from brick and mortar merchants as well, but it is apparent that the retail industry could be doing more to create personalized experiences.

Last year alone there was $150 billion in potential revenue that failed to reach retailers’ registers due to a lack of personalized shopping experiences, as reported in the TimeTrade State of Retail Report 2017. That’s some serious money up for grabs! You should be asking yourself, how can I provide a tailored experience for every customer and claim that revenue?

Check out 3 ways to provide each customer a shopping experience that best fits them:

Use Customer Data to Personalize Experiences

Data should be the foundation of all your business decisions. Gain insights from sales reports to improve buying and marketing strategies. In addition to your data, gain insight from social media and online reviews to further understand sentiment and qualitative views on your business.

With that information, you can make informed business decisions. For example, if certain items are popular, you should be aware and continue buying those items, but also look into similar items that those customers may also be interested in. Keep track of your customers’ preferences and use that data for promotions, in store displays, and email marketing. With so many options available, knowing what products resonate with your customers is more important than ever.

Create an Omni-Channel Experience

Look at the broader economy to stay current. Consumers’ expectations are growing with the changing technology landscape; customers are used to hailing a cab and comparing restaurants and making reservations all from an app, so it may make sense to add an online component. When considering adding web and mobile presence, it’s important to build a cohesive experience. Your mobile and web presence should be well planned and an extension of your brick and mortar business. Take advantage of white label apps and ecommerce services that build out fully integrated online platforms for you!

Enable Your Staff to Deliver Personalized Experiences

Relationships still matter, and a large piece of the retail experience is driven by the interactions you and your staff have with customers. Three out of four people have spent more with a company because of a history of positive experiences, according to American Express.  Empower your employees to provide the best possible service to each customer with the right training and tools because customer service pays off.

Take time to hire the right employees, and thoroughly train new employees on you brand and  business platforms. You want to be sure that your employees are  Additionally, adding service tools such as mobile order takers enables your team to go above and beyond when assisting customers service and checkout customers from anywhere in your establishment.

If you’re not providing customers a personalized experience, it’s time to think about the ways you can inject a personal touch into your retail experience. Your customers and your revenue will take note.