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5 Simple Ways To Get More Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

Revel | September 19, 2017 |

5 Simple Ways To Get More Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

The current state of customer engagement is complex. The customer journey used to last from the moment a customer entered a store until the moment they made a purchase. But the customer experience is now offline and online, one that sees multiple touch points, creating a much more detailed and complicated customer roadmap.

To keep up with the complex customer journey, merchants have turned to loyalty programs and rewards to keep their customers coming back and engaged from end to end. And customers are signing up. According to Bond, the average customer belongs to 14 loyalty programs. So, how can you be one of the 14?

Once you have a loyalty program in place, you need to make sure customers are signing up and actively engaged.

1. Sign Up Incentive

A simple way to increase users is to make the initial step rewarding. Create a reason. By associating the word ‘free’ to your low profit-margin items, your gift with sign-up can add a tangible reason for users to sign up for your loyalty program.

2. Make It Easy To Use

According to Colloquy, 53% of Americans participate in a loyalty program because of ease of use. Cater to consumers’ muscle memory and create a loyalty program that is reflective of their buying behaviors. Don’t make the program difficult by adding unnecessary hurdles that your customers have to jump through to earn rewards. Create simple messaging, and make sure it is easy to market to all of your customers.

3. In-Store Promotion

Make your incentives clear by using in-store signage to tell your customers about your loyalty program. To elevate the experience, use digital signage technology to draw the attention of your customers, make updates in real-time, and maintain brand consistency. According to a Nielsen Consumer Survey, stores using digital signage experienced up to 33% in additional sales. Your digital signage is a marketing canvas, meaning you can advertise promotions and encourage impulse buying with timely, and vibrant promotions.

4. Out of Store Promotion

Your promotion strategy should be omnichannel. If you have adopted a digital loyalty program, it is critical that your promotion strategy be digital as well. Attract customers to your loyalty program by putting a banner on your website, and if your loyalty program is optimized for mobile, you can input a download link. Going mobile is a good idea! A survey by Technology Advice says people are 59% more likely to join a loyalty program that offers a smartphone app.

Don’t forget about social media! Many of your customers will choose to interact with your brand strictly on social media, so be sure to be where they are. Tweet and Facebook out details or the program, share links to sign up, and even look into putting ad money behind these posts for additional visibility.

5. Get The Right Information At The POS

When your non loyalty member customers make a purchase at your store, use this point of purchase to gather the necessary customer data. By grabbing the right email address, avoiding their spam email, you can thank them for your purchase and use this email marketing to send them information about your loyalty program.

74% of consumers choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sign more customers up and keep them more engaged with the help of simple promotion tactics. With Revel Systems you can simplify customer participation and design a loyalty program that makes your business more money. Learn more about Revel System’s loyalty program and see how a loyalty program can drive business.