Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Restaurant Business with an iPad POS

Surviving in the restaurant business is not easy. Savvy owners who take the reigns on operations with an iPad Point of Sale place themselves at a distinct advantage. How can you help your restaurant grow and thrive with an iPad POS? Here are the top 5 ways:

  1. Customize it
    No other restaurant is quite like yours, and no other Point of Sale should be, either. With an iPad Point of Sale that’s fully customizable, you can tailor your POS to your specific needs. Arrange your seating charts by floor or room, organize tables by server, manage your ingredient inventory in real time, and much more. You may even decide to let customers customize their options with the likes of Revel iPad POS’s “advanced modifiers,” which make it easy to add modifications to each item in your menu.
  1. Accept online and mobile ordering
    The two billion people using smartphones today get hungry often, and they’re used to satisfying those cravings with the push of a smartphone button. Fortunately, the mobile POS based on Apple iPad is equipped to accept online and mobile ordering requests. The quick ordering process can help to minimize lines at the restaurant and keep both in-house and on-the-go customers happy.
  1. Minimize waste
    Did you know that restaurant customers leave about 17 percent of their food uneaten? This amounts to about 150,000 pounds of food waste per restaurant each year! With an iPad Point of Sale helping you manage every aspect of your ingredient inventory, discover which ingredients are being wasted and devise a cross-utilization plan to implement those ingredients into other dishes. In addition, Revel’s iPad POS backend console calculates waste loss percentages automatically, so you can make more informed decisions for positive results.
  1. Offer catering
    Catering can lead to higher profits and wider exposure beyond the confines of your brick-and-mortar establishment. Some multiunit restaurants report that 25 percent of top line sales come from catering. An iPad POS can streamline the process with a dedicated catering platform.
  1. Improve customer service
    Earning a reputation of an exceptional restaurant often boils down to excellent service. Servers have the ability to create a very good, or bad, dining experience for your customers. With the user-friendly interface of an iPad POS, employees have less room for error, effortlessly handling tasks such as seating customers, tracking courses, and splitting the check at the end of the meal.

Empower your restaurant with an iPad POS, the hardest-working powerhouse in the business. More than just a helpful tool, an intuitive, all-in-one POS system that grows to scale with your business is a necessity for staying one step ahead of the restaurant game. Grow your business with Revel's Restaurant POS, designed specifically to meet restaurateur's needs and wants.

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