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Revel POS 101: Always On Mode—the Peace of Mind You Need


With the development of wireless networks and cloud-based computing, both small and large businesses have been able to keep information secure online. When the internet goes down there’s no telling how much revenue could be lost or how long it might...

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10 Ways an iPad Point of Sale Provides Maximum ROI [Infographic]


Ever wonder what the return on investment (ROI) is on an iPad point of sale (POS)? Despite the growing competition that 21st century businesses face, many merchants hesitate when moving away from “simple” cash registers and legacy systems. To be...

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Searching for the Right Point of Sale: Top 4 POS Must-Haves for Your Business


So, you’re looking for a Point of Sale (POS) for your business. What now? What should you be looking for? It’s important you pick the right POS system for your business because it will be the heart of your operations, insight, and day-to-day...

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4 Ways to Set Your Business Up for Success With Automation Tools


Wouldn’t you like to know how to maximize your business’ revenue? Setting the right processes in place beforehand can help do that. With today’s modern technology, there are methods to help automate your business to save you both time and money....

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POS True Offline Mode: Offline, But Not Out of Commission

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POS Always On Mode is part of what makes Revel truly outstanding in the world of iPad point of sale systems.

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