POS True Offline Mode: Offline, But Not Out of Commission

POS Always On Mode is part of what makes Revel truly outstanding in the world of iPad point of sale systems.

Traditional point of sale systems ran on a local network, which ensured network speed but meant the restaurant owner had to deal with bulky hardware, which often required expensive maintenance. This also meant that if you wanted to check your reports, you had to physically come into the office.  And with the price of gas – who can afford that?

With the advent of WiFi and cloud-based computing, restaurants could now manage and access reports and business information from anywhere. Associated hardware was relatively cheap by comparison, but owners were often beholden to slow or unreliable Internet.

Revel’s POS utilizes Hybrid Network Architecture, which offers the best of both worlds: the convenience and accessibility of the cloud and the reliability of a local network. When WiFi is slow Revel’s iPad POS True Offline Mode enables a business to continue processing credit card payments locally on the device— once connectivity returns, data simply re-syncs with the cloud.

Many Revel customers have experienced the benefits of the POS True Offline Mode firsthand, including Patrick Joyce of The Just Crust Pizzeria. “A critical piece of the Revel system that made it so appealing to my small business was the fact that I could still accept credit cards even when my wireless Internet went down,” he said. “Of course, within the first week of opening my Internet crashed and I couldn't get it serviced for more than a day. Luckily, I didn't lose one customer because I could still accept credit cards and have them batched after-the-fact. Not being able to accept credit cards for almost two days could've been devastating to a new neighborhood business instead we rolled right through seamlessly.”

As Patrick noted, the inability for a business to accept credit cards for even a day can be devastating. The Revel iPad True Offline Mode ensures a restaurant’s POS will run efficiently, and reliably, regardless of Internet connectivity. Have you ever had a moment when your Internet went out? What effect did it have on your business?