Revel POS 101: Always On Mode—the Peace of Mind You Need

With the development of wireless networks and cloud-based computing, both small and large businesses have been able to keep information secure online. When the internet goes down there’s no telling how much revenue could be lost or how long it might take to fix it. With Revel’s “Always On Mode” you have peace of mind that your business will be running, even if the wifi isn’t.

Legacy point of sale systems run on a local network, typically operated by bulky back-office servers which are unreliable and require expensive maintenance. Utilizing a hybrid network architecture, Revel’s “Always On Mode”—also referred to as offline mode—offers the support and reliability of a local network with the convenience of the cloud. Not only will the POS continue to run smoothly, the entire system—including receipt printers and kitchen displays—will keep functioning right along with it.

Let’s say you’ve recently opened a new business, and during your first week of operation the internet crashes. As a business owner, you can’t accept credit cards, but on the other hand, you don’t have time to wait on hold while your internet service provider attempts to repair the issue. Rather than turn away customers, with Revel’s “Always On Mode” you’re able to continue accepting credit cards and other forms of payment to make sure you never miss a sale.

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While offline, order information is stored locally on the POS. Once connectivity is restored, the data is automatically re-synced with the Revel cloud. Offline transactions are marked as such on reports in the Revel management console allowing you to monitor the payments received while your system was offline. This keeps you organized and allows you to analyze sales for the day.

In the past, an interrupted network connection on your POS could spell disaster for your business and severely affect your revenue, even if offline for only an hour. With Revel’s “Always On Mode,” there’s no need to worry because even if your network fails, your POS will continue to run efficiently and reliably.

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Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer.