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Leveraging Point of Sale Data in a Quick Service Restaurant


Is it possible to make good decisions based on gut-feeling and industry knowledge? Absolutely. But this doesn’t mean that you should make decisions without data as well. 

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The Permanence of Off-Premises Dining

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Growth of Off-Premises Dining Since the Pandemic Off-premises dining has skyrocketed since the pandemic took hold in March 2020. Restaurants have seen massive growth in online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery. In fact, online food orders are...

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Announcing the New Revel Kiosk

iPad POS

Revel Systems is thrilled to announce the latest version of its Kiosk POS. This new version is by no means a simple re-skin; the Revel Systems customer-facing kiosk now provides a smoother, sleeker, and more efficient customer experience, bringing...

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Labor Forecasting with Revel iPad POS


Revel iPad POS users may already know about the Employee Scheduling feature, and Revel has recently added more tools to help empower businesses. Here’s how you can improve business efficiency by forecasting labor costs.

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New Feature: Split Bill Capabilities

iPad POS

Splitting the Bill Going out to eat with friends is fun, but what about splitting the bill? If your group of friends is anything like mine, splitting the bill can be a huge hassle. Few of us carry cash, and those that do prefer to use it (but also...

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