New Feature: Split Bill Capabilities

Splitting the Bill

Going out to eat with friends is fun, but what about splitting the bill? If your group of friends is anything like mine, splitting the bill can be a huge hassle. Few of us carry cash, and those that do prefer to use it (but also will then need change). Or, those that have cash can give it to someone with a card, who then needs to put a specific amount on his or her card (as opposed to splitting the bill evenly). If splitting the bill is a struggle for a group of friends, imagine how complicated it can be for the restaurant. Restaurants catering to groups of people--especially groups of 20-somethings lacking the magnanimity or funds to treat their friends--need a point of sale system that has split bill capabilities.

Revel recently rolled out a new split bill feature, enabling restaurants to divide bills how they (and their patrons) see fit. It’s easy to split a bill evenly between any number of patrons, and it’s just as simple to split bills by individual items. For example, if a customer orders a BLT and a soda, the server can easily divide the bill by those individual items, giving that customer a bill with the BLT and soda.

The real issue, as stated above, is often dividing a bill by different amounts and payment types. Revel offers this capability as well:  A server can easily break up a check manually, allowing customers to pay by their preferred method and chosen amount.

Thanks to Revel, eating out with friends is all fun and zero hassle--streamlining the split bill process for restaurant and patron alike.