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Why Protecting Your Digital Data Is Crucial for Business Success

data security

Companies rely on employee data to calculate salaries, benefits, days off, and to identify promotion candidates. They use client data to develop marketing strategies, personalize their content, simplify the sales funnel, and more.

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Why The iPad Is The Most Secure POS

data breaches

iOS is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year – and tech enthusiasts around the world have been commemorating Apple’s achievement in changing personal and business computing. But what has arguably been the most impressive feat is the Apple...

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Top 5 POS Security Must-Haves


How safe is your Point of Sale? Last year, millions of credit card users who shopped at major retailers like Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels had their information compromised, and just months ago, a large number of coffee drinkers...

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What Every Merchant Should Know About POS Security


The Point of Sale is a gateway between customers and your business. An invaluable tool for commerce, it makes the modern exchange of goods and services possible. Like every entry point, however, the POS can be vulnerable to thieves. Just as you...

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What You Need to Know About PCI Compliance

pos security

We live in an age where mobile technology is always evolving, always striving to give consumers and businesses a way to do every day activities easier or offer them in a new, exciting way. The way we buy, store and view entertainment has forever...

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Customers Beware—3 Big Fast Food Hacks

iPad POS

Hacking: it’s not just for government websites anymore. With the rise of computer-based POS systems, restaurants are increasingly becoming targets for hacking and cyber-theft. Restaurants are especially vulnerable due to the sheer availability of...

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