What Every Merchant Should Know About POS Security

The Point of Sale is a gateway between customers and your business. An invaluable tool for commerce, it makes the modern exchange of goods and services possible. Like every entry point, however, the POS can be vulnerable to thieves. Just as you wouldn’t leave the front door to your home and belongings unlocked, it should be inconceivable to keep your business’s Point of Sale unprotected. Unfortunately, far too many merchants are guilty of this oversight, and millions of cardholders have had their credit card data stolen as a result.

Revel Systems has been a frontrunner in the POS security space since our inception, using encrypted card swipes in our technology from Day 1. No business empowered with the Revel iPad POS Sytem has ever experienced any form of credit card fraud. Because we believe your business should know everything we do to keep everyday transactions secure, we’ve made our POS Security White Paper available for download at no cost. We’ll help you protect your Point of Sale with the following critical goals:

Learn Best Practices
Did you know that 75 percent of current POS systems run on antiquated software? Discover some of the best practices outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for keeping your POS up-to-date and secure.

Know Your Operating System
The iPad iOS Apple operating system has come remarkably close to creating a hack-proof system that’s unprecedented. Find out what differentiates it from legacy Windows systems that digital criminals target.

Prevent Theft
Eighty-two percent of POS network intrusions within the Accommodation and Food Services Industry in 2013 were carried out with simple keylogging software. This type of widespread intrusion is easily preventable.

Stay In Compliance
Learn about Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) for hardware and software. What’s the baseline your system requires, and how far above the bar should you strive? Keep in mind that merchants who choose to go with non-compliant systems pay an estimated $200 per lost record to cover legal expenses and fines.

Maintain Peace of Mind
A secure POS system will ensure secure transactions, protect valuable customer data, uphold your business’s reputation, and help maintain a positive ROI. There’s no price tag on the peace of mind that follows as a result.

Revel’s CTO, Chris Ciabarra, is a former PCI compliance expert, so you know our system is always PCI compliant. Our software does not store credit card data—instead, the data is encrypted at the swipe and goes straight to the payment server, so thieves never have the opportunity to see it. Find out more and download your free POS Security White Paper today.