Top 5 POS Security Must-Haves

How safe is your Point of Sale? Last year, millions of credit card users who shopped at major retailers like Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels had their information compromised, and just months ago, a large number of coffee drinkers found fraudulent charges on their Starbucks accounts.

As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to prevent theft by staying several steps ahead of potential hackers and thieves. Investing in Point of Sale security will help you to do so, not only to protect your customers’ data, but to potentially save your business millions of dollars in legal fees and lost profits.

Here are the top 5 POS Security must-haves to keep your business safe and secure:

  1. PCI compliance
    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) require organizations to increase controls around cardholder data in order to safely process payments and reduce credit card fraud. Historically, merchants have danced around PCI standards, placing their profits and customers at risk. Those with non-compliant systems pay an average of $200 per lost record to cover legal costs. Our clients have chosen a simpler route: No business running with the PCI-compliant Revel iPad POS has ever experienced any form of credit card fraud.
  2. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
    P2PE encryption simplifies PCI compliance. With a P2PE device, the customer’s encrypted card data goes directly to a processor, never touching the Point of Sale or the cloud. This keeps the data from being stolen by hackers. The Revel iPad POS has been equipped with encrypted credit card swipes since day 1.
  3. DTT Security Integration
    Unfortunately, some thefts happen internally, with employees giving away freebies or voiding transactions in order to pocket money from the sales. Each transgression can add up to a significant hole in your profits. With a surveillance feature like Revel’s DTT Security built in, every transaction that goes through your POS is filtered through a camera and posted on a video feed to help you catch red flags with confidence.
  4. Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    Mobile POS devices like iPads are light, portable, and potentially easy to steal. That’s why Revel Systems adopted Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that gives business owners the ability to lock down or wipe clean any lost or stolen devices remotely.
  5. Secure Servers
    Cloud computing has many benefits. It can back up your Point of Sale when the Internet is spotty and host your e-commerce platform. But how secure is your cloud solution? Revel Systems hosts cloud computing in a PCI-compliant Data Center, ensuring cardholder data is encrypted, antivirus software is regularly updated, strict authentication practices are enforced, and much, much more.

Maintain peace of mind, stay in compliance, prevent theft, and follow best practices with cutting-edge security features for your Point of Sale. Choose Revel Systems, the frontrunner in the POS security space, that has led the way with every security feature your business needs.