Why The iPad Is The Most Secure POS

iOS is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year – and tech enthusiasts around the world have been commemorating Apple’s achievement in changing personal and business computing. But what has arguably been the most impressive feat is the Apple iOS security. In the ten years of its existence, there has been no serious malware. Further, studies have found that a far higher percentage of mobile malware targets Android than iOS, the software than runs Apple’s devices.

Gartner analyst, Dioniso Zumerle, researches the mobile security space and identified that between Android and iOS, “the majority of enterprises still feel it is easier for them to secure their enterprise data on the iOS platform.”

Despite the level of security iOS provides, many restaurants and retailers are putting their business and their customers at risk with legacy system POS or POSes running on an Android software. Revel Systems Lead Sales Engineer, Wajih Rahman comments, “Restaurants and retailers are especially susceptible to data breaches, and as a response to a recent string of high-profile breaches at major restaurant chains, the demand for security has never been greater. A major consideration for Revel choosing to run on iOS is Apple’s commitment to security. In the ten years since iOS was released, there have been no major malware.”

Apple’s iOS platform was a true game-changer, as the first secure, tablet based operating system available for general consumption. This platform is a better solution for POS software than even the custom-built options of the past.

What makes iOS so secure?

One of the most effective ways Apple protects its software is by ensuring regular software updates. A study found that 86% of iOS devices are running the latest iOS, as opposed to Android, where only a tiny percentage of users are on the very latest Android 7.1.x update.

iOS places each application (including associated preferences and data), in a discreet “sandbox” upon installation. A sandbox is a set of particular controls that limit the app’s access to files, preferences, network resources, and other potential vulnerabilities. The strict partitions between apps protect a hack of any one app from infecting the rest of the devices. For example: even if a malicious email is opened, the mail app is siloed from the POS, protecting it from infection.

Entitlements in apps provide built-in protection against viruses, malware, and other hacks. Users do not have to research, purchase, and install supplemental antiviral software, as it is a default feature of all iPad applications. Other features like strict code signing and that iOS only allows one application run at a time, system protects the system from malware.

Wajih goes on to say, “Revel has been able to provide users a secure system by developing a POS that leverages the inherent security of iOS, providing a platform for users to safely process payments, maintain their CRM, all while offering a set of rich access controls. Through the adherence of best practices in PCI compliance and cloud security, Revel’s POS is not only rich in features, but also an industry leader when it comes to security. This is the reason that the 65,000 terminals Revel has deployed in the last 6 years have had no breaches.”

Where does Android stand?

Because of Android’s open-source nature, it is particularly more vulnerable to attacks than iOS. Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, says, "The point is because Android is basically open source, anyone can look at what's in Android. You can't do that with iOS.’ Whereas, “Even if a developer makes a small modification to an app running on Android, it can create a security hole,” Gold said. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, malware on Android apps grew at a significant rate of 105% from 2015 to 2016.

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