Why Your Restaurant Needs a Kitchen Display System

Many restaurants still employ an old style of taking orders and delivering those orders to the kitchen for preparation. Busy wait people scribble frantically in notebooks, then move swiftly to the back to get the orders in. Some eateries sill use an old turntable device as a method of handing off the orders from the wait staff to the kitchen staff. While these methods are certainly tried and true, they suffer from a severe lack of efficiency needed in today’s hectic world of restaurant management.

Improving the Dining out Experience
Your customers are busy people who utilize the latest technology in almost every facet of their lives. Most use computers on the job, tablets for reading, and cell phones for all methods of communication. Even the customers who aren’t tech savvy have incorporated smart phones and computers into their everyday routines. It’s not a stretch to think that they’d like to experience the same level of convenience when eating out. Improving the customer experience with a Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a cost effective way of taking your business to the next level. Revel Systems can help with our superior KDS technology.

Streamline the Ordering Process
One of the worst experiences a customer can have in a restaurant is getting the wrong order. Handwritten tickets can be misinterpreted or simply lost or destroyed in a busy kitchen. These mistakes cause waste as the wrong meal gets tossed out; meanwhile the customer makes a mental note not to return. They are also very likely to tell their friends about the error. A KDS takes the guesswork and by extension the mistakes out of the ordering process. The wait person keys in the order on their iPad, and it appears on the monitor in the kitchen exactly as entered.

It’s not just the Orders that Create Challenges
Every restaurant owner knows that the key to success is in the prep work. Revel’s “All Day View” allows cooks and chefs to view the entire day’s count of orders so they can effectively prep and prepare dishes. Our unique Order Routing System delivers orders to the specific area of the kitchen where that particular dish is prepared saving valuable time. Want to assure everyone’s meal is served at the same time, even if one of your customers arrives after the order has been taken? No problem with Bump Capabilities that change the order’s priority by moving it up or down in the queue.

Modern Times call for Modern Solutions
A time tested reality of doing business is actually very simple. Keep your customers happy and they’ll keep coming back. Revel can help by assuring your customers enjoy the best dining out experience time after time with our incredible KDS. Why not give us a call or click here to take our iPad KDS for a test drive. Modern technology can allow you to continue to offer your customers the old-fashioned dining out experience they’re looking for.