Top 5 Must-Haves for Your Restaurant Business

With more than 500,000 restaurants in the United States alone, restaurant owners need to stay ahead of their competition. In order to run a successful restaurant business, not only must businesses provide the best service out front but also have efficient operations running in the back. We have compiled a list of the 5 key must-haves to help your restaurant business grow:

  1. Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) Technology
    Kitchens have a history of running off tickets. Tickets serve a purpose but they can be hard to organize during busy hours and be more high costing than business owners realize. Each kitchen printer on average costs around $2000 of supplies to stay up and running per year. And atop of that, they get older and worn. Start taking $2000 out of your budget every year by upgrading to Kitchen Display Screens (KDS). With KDS technology, restaurants can leverage advanced technology by sending orders form their mPOS to the kitchen KDS immediately. After orders are inputted on the iPad Point of Sale, you can track the status of every order with a time counter and reporting capabilities. Know how long orders have been waiting since the moment they were ordered. This alone provides faster service for customers and more efficiency for your restaurants.
  2. Tableside Mobile Order Takers
    Start taking orders directly from the table with mPOS. Put technology in the hands of the server (with an iPad Mini) for a fast and powerful connection between the dining floor and the kitchen. Orders are clearly communicated to the kitchen the moment they’re made from your mobile iPad POS, providing less mistakes and quicker service. Edit orders as you see fit according to customers’ change requests on the spot and even have recommendations appear on the order taker as items are being inputted. Enhance the dining experience and operate more efficiently with tableside mobile order takers.
  3. Online Ordering
    Every restaurant business can benefit from online ordering. Customers can tap into the menu and send an order to your kitchen without taking up one of your tables. Customers receive fast, easy service while your business can process more orders. Customers can place orders themselves, provide their own special requests (in the notes section) and request pick up times to ensure food is delivered hot. Not only has online ordering become an expected part of a business for customer convenience, but also provides an opportunity to increase profits.
  4. Delivery Management
    Work smarter, not harder when managing deliveries. Have an efficient system for delivery drivers so that orders are delivered in the fastest way possible to customers. Drivers can now determine which items are the most logical orders for them to take out in one single run as opposed to making multiple trips. Caller I.D. is also a powerful addition to delivery management systems. Access repeat customers’ information immediately with Caller I.D. to process orders faster and eliminate the need to collect customer details numerous times. With delivery management integrated into Revel’s iPad POS System at no extra cost, there is no better time to start improving your business’ delivery management process.
  5. Ingredient Inventory Management
    At a restaurant, knowing how many items you sold is a great number to know, but it doesn’t truly tell you how many ingredients are being used to make them. Save costs and time by tracking ingredient levels with ingredient inventory management tools. Users can account for the stock level of each item and ingredient in real-time to know how much to restock and when. Cost of goods reporting is based off of recipe creation and is an integral part of effectively managing inventory. As prices in your ingredient level inventory change, your Point of Sale can shift the cost of goods for every item on your menu so that you are always up to date on where your profit margins are.

Manage your restaurant business easier and provide customers an enhanced experience with the top 5 must-haves for your restaurant business. With the number of restaurants growing and increasing daily, it’s vital to take advantage of the latest Point of Sale technology and hold a competitive edge.