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How Apple-Backed Point of Sale Platforms Help Benefit Bottom Lines


The hardware and software powering businesses today often determine the difference between a surviving and thriving business. Revel CSO Chris Lybeer returns as a guest contributor with his take on why Apple’s iOS operating system and hardware are a...

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Creating Memorable, Branded Customer Experiences in the Age of Digital Engagement


Revel CSO Chris Lybeer continues his guest series with a closer look at how businesses are maintaining control of the off premises customer experience today. In an age where online engagements are the norm, Chris shares why it’s more important than...

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Celebrating 10 Years As The Pioneering Cloud-Based POS Platform

iPad POS Technology

As we continue to celebrate Revel’s tenth anniversary, Revel CSO Chris Lybeer shares his thoughts on the momentous occasion, paired with his predictions for Revel’s next 10 years in business. Check back next month for more thoughts from Revel’s head...

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Favorite Restaurant Destinations with Revel CSO Chris Lybeer


Supporting Restaurants Looks Different This Year Industry conditions have been tough this year—there’s no doubt about it. But let’s not forget about our favorite restaurant destinations we know and love that are still serving up dishes and creating...

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Physical Retailing: Eyeing A Strong Comeback Following COVID [Opinion]

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Next up in Revel CSO Chris Lybeer’s thought leadership series includes his predictions around the future of physical retailing. As brick and mortar stores begin to reopen—often with temporary hours or reserved seating—Chris challenges retail shops...

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