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How to Handle High Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

Turnover in the hospitality industry is historically high. However, there are very real things you can do to stand out in the industry to boost employee job satisfaction and lower turnover.

How to Calculate Turnover Rate: An Easy Restaurant Guide

You've probably heard that a restaurant's food costs make up a significant portion of its overall expenses. But you might be surprised to learn that a restaurant's labor costs can also be a considerable expense. Employees are a restaurant's most important resource, and as such, it's essential to...

3 Simple Ways To Cut Labor Costs

The first step to reduce labor costs is predicting how these costs will affect your bottom line. But when your weather app can’t even accurately predict the conditions of tomorrow, how are you expected to forecast your gargantuan business costs? Don’t get trapped sans an umbrella in a rainstorm,...

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