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How Small Businesses Are Profiting from Pokémon Go [Infographic]

iPad POS

We already wrote about how Pokémon Go conquered the world in just a matter of a few days, breezing right past Twitter’s daily users. Given that the game leverages augmented reality in a way few ever have, its popularity created a unique opportunity...

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Key Findings: Stepping Up the In-Person Experience for Retailers and Restaurateurs [INFOGRAPHIC]


What qualities do you think retailers and restaurateurs look for in an in-person experience? According to key findings of an April 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revel Systems iPad POS, Step Up The In-Person...

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5 Things You Should Know About Retail


Did you know that 64% of single-store retailers still don’t have a Point of Sale (POS) system in place? Software Advice, a third-party iPad POS system research site, recently released a retail infographic unveiling key retail statistics. In the ...

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