5 Things You Should Know About Retail

Did you know that 64% of single-store retailers still don’t have a Point of Sale (POS) system in place? Software Advice, a third-party iPad POS system research site, recently released a retail infographic unveiling key retail statistics. In the infographic, you can also compare a day in the life of a small business retailer with a POS system in place versus one without. Below is a list of 5 things you should know about retail and how to address each:


software advice stat 1

(Via Software Advice’s Retail Infographic)

Don’t lose sales due to being understaffed. With Revel’s iPad POS, business owners can easily manage as many employee schedules as they want, and quickly assign roles and permissions. Keep track of every employee on a singular platform by monitoring every clock in and clock out and add an employee to the system within seconds. Even labor forecasting reports can help determine busy times and labor demand needs to help maximize employee efficiency and ensure your business is never understaffed.


software advice stat 2

(Via Software Advice’s Retail Infographic)

Shorten wait time and keep lines moving with an advanced iPad POS made to accelerate speed of service. Revel’s iPad POS processes sales 14% faster than legacy systems and is made for busy rushes. Whether it’s accepting credit cards, mobile payments, or cash, Revel accepts it. And don’t worry if the Internet goes down - Revel’s iPad POS keeps processing sales even in the event of an Internet outage.


software advice stat 3

(Via Software Advice’s Retail Infographic)

Keep customers coming back with loyalty programs. Have the ability to customize your loyalty programs and track the usage of each customer with Revel’s iPad POS. Know each customer’s purchase history and identify their favorite items for better suggestion selling. Today is the day to start rewarding your customers and show how much you value their business.


software advice stat 4

(Via Software Advice’s Retail Infographic)

Never run out of stock with real-time inventory tracking and low threshold alerts. Every time you are about to run out of stock you will get instantly notified - this ensures your business is always fully stocked. Checking on inventory across stores and transferring items from store to store or warehouse to store is simplified with Revel’s iPad POS.


software advice stat 5

(Via Software Advice’s Retail Infographic)

Reporting is a necessity for any retail business looking to better strategize their next move. With Revel’s full suite of reports, business owners can determine top selling items in real-time. From sales summary, product mix, order history, and payment summary reports, Revel has every report you need to gain business insight from anywhere.

Customers will be more likely to keep shopping at your store with the right tools. Revel’s leading iPad POS is built for retailers and has every tool you need to get more regulars.